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LVL Up Imaging

Universal School Photographer System

Universal School Photographer System

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This System is made up of three units: One (1) Medium Diffuser Wall, (1) Small Diffuser, (1) Small Reflector Wall, (2) Small LVL Up Cases and (1) Medium LVL UP Case. 

The LVL UP School Photographer System offers unparalleled image quality with a One-Light Solution for preschool, underclass and even senior portraits; and an optional two-light configuration for creative sports teams and individuals, all within a 4-minute setup time. It was a built as a tool to help our own company scale our business with high quality consistent imagery. It does this by focusing on speed, quality and consistency.

  • Speed: The LVL Up System offers photographers the speed and versatility to capture a wide range of posing options. Facilitated by our custom floor guide, a diverse collection of images are able to be captured to be offered to your clients.
  • Quality: The School Picture Day system is a one-light solution that provides a consistent and beautiful quality of light.
  • It achieves this lighting by using a large diffused light source - providing the look of retouched skin tones and eve illumination directly from the camera.
  • Consistency: When paired with our proprietary floor guide, you can ensure consistent imagery. It does this by having exact footprints for your subjects feet, your LVL UP units & directions on where to enter & exit the mat.


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