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LVL Up Imaging

LVL Up Reflector 2.0

LVL Up Reflector 2.0

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The reflector wall is a stand alone tool with a highly reflective silver side along with a white side for creating a non specular fill. The reflector wall is used in the studio for both a specular separation light along with the white side used for the fill light to the main subject. The reflector wall is a great stand alone reflector that can be used in tight spot locations as either a fill or a main light source. The reflector wall comes in 2 sizes; 36 and 48 inch versions. 
We are excited to announce the new LVL Up System 2.0 which will be available to ship Oct. 10,2023. Our newest LVL UP System 2.0 has been re-engineered for an even more superior durability with all new removable stability side plates for convenient transportation and storage. 

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