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LVL Up Diffuser Wall 2.0

LVL Up Diffuser Wall 2.0

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The Diffuser Wall is made of translucent material that diffuses light and softens the shadow edge transfer. The Diffuser Wall can be used as a stand alone supplementary tool to create a soft natural light, or it can be used in conjunction with the LVL Up Studio.
Currently the diffuser wall comes in 3 sizes; 36 inches (small), 48 inches (medium) and 60 inches (large) wide with a max height of 90 inches. 
The 36" Diffuser Wall was designed specifically for our on location cinematographers. The wall takes up very little space, so it's ideal for providing great diffusion at shoots with minimal room. The two support rods are placed at the very ends of the unit of the 36 inch diffuser to maximize illumination area.

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