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LVL Up Imaging

LVL Up Background 2.0

LVL Up Background 2.0

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The LVL Up Background is a retractable background system that requires no additional support to stand alone. The retractable system keeps the background wrinkle and stain free and can be easily changed out for a different background. The background system comes in two sizes a 60 inch and a 48 inch.

We are excited to announce the new LVL Up System 2.0 which will be available to ship Oct. 10,2023. Our newest LVL UP System 2.0 has been re-engineered for an even more superior durability with all new removable stability side plates for convenient transportation and storage. 

LVL Up offers 3 background fabric options, but many more options and replacements are available through Background Town. Please follow this link to view and order other Background options in the Background Town LVL Up Collection

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All LVL Up sales are FINAL. All LVL Up products are made to order and cannot be returned. If you have a defective product or need repairs, please contact us.


All LVL Up Imaging products are made to order. Expect a 2-3 week delivery time from the moment you order.

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