About Tim

A professional photographer since 1968, by 1988 TimKelly had built a prestigious and collectible brand of photographic portraiture. His distinct style and lighting continues to be widely emulated throughout the industry.Today, his long-running success in business and imaging includes a new studio in 2017, (complete with in-house lab), where he also produces his educational video content for the Youtube channel he launched in 2019.

Tim is an American Portrait Master, International Master,Craftsman and Fellow of the ASP (the American Society ofPhotographers), has been profiled many times in the“Professional Photographer”, “Rangefinder” and other major magazines. Author of two successful books,publisher of several others and included in (at last count),over 17 current books and half a dozen covers. Prior to hisYoutube launch, Kelly authored and produced over 15 educational DVD titles.

He has taught week-long classes at Winona and major affiliate schools, some for up to five years in a row, for over twenty-five years, presented at Imaging USA, WPPIand other conventions close to a hundred times. He has been an international juror and an original Kodak Mentor.In 2015, Tim was very honored to receive PPA’s prestigious “Helen Yancy Award” for his “Lifetime ofImpact on the Professional Photographic Industry.” He’salready received the National, SEPPA and numerous accolades, lifetime achievement awards, and is most honored to have portraits in the permanent collection of three museums.

Tim and his wife, Laura, live in central Florida, love their children and grandkids, and give God the Glory of their success.

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