LVL Up Imaging in a Medical Aesthetics Office

LVL Up Imaging in a Medical Aesthetics Office

If you’ve ever worked at an aesthetics office, then you know that before and after photos are crucial to your practice. They serve as “proof” of results after any given treatment and can also help resolve any patient concerns on complaints that may arise. And when you’ve been particularly pleased with a patient’s aesthetic results, you’ll probably use these photos for marketing purposes, which can really help grow your business. 

While before and after photos at medical aesthetic clinics are an important practice, too often they are being done poorly. The biggest factor in a subpar before and after photo is simply bad lighting. Overhead, fluorescent lighting in the treatment room is extremely unflattering and completely distorts the patient’s features, portraying inaccurate skin tone, texture, and sizing. No amount of editing can save these photos either, while still displaying a true representation of the patient’s features.

Introducing LVL UP Imaging’s Business Professional Lighting System. Boasting a patented process of light diffusion, you can enjoy consistent and flattering light for all your patient’s images. With a super quick and easy setup, medspa staff can place the 6x6 system anywhere in the office and no matter the position the patient is standing or direction she/he is turning, there will be perfectly even light. The LVL UP Business Professional System offers pristine lighting that’s so good, it can be used alongside an iPhone or iPad. No need for a snazzy camera to capture that perfect before and after shots. Your mobile device works seamlessly with this system.

This pro lighting system, which provides a small 6x6 footprint will not only solve your practice's before and after woes, it can also grant you the ability to shoot professional level marketing content in-house, without the help of a photographer. Updating staff headshots, recording an injectable treatment, and shooting staff interviews and patient testimonials – this is what the system was designed for! And again, it can all be done with a mobile device. What’s more is LVL UP Imaging also provides professional editing services for photos and videos too. 

Get ready to grow your medspa or medical aesthetics practice. Your before and after photography and marketing will never look better. Scroll down to see the system in action in a medical aesthetics setting.

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