4 Ways to Attract Patients to Your Medical Aesthetics Office

4 Ways to Attract Patients to Your Medical Aesthetics Office

Whether you’re a new medical aesthetics office trying to gain a solid client base or you’re an established clinic simply hoping to attract new patients, there are a number of things to consider when it comes to getting some new faces in the door. LVL UP Imaging assists hundreds of cosmetic clinics with their media content efforts. From before & afters to just social media content, we have seen firsthand the workings of successful medical aesthetics practice. Here are just a few of the things we’ve seen esteemed clinics doing for client growth and retention. 


1. Share Your Best Before and After Photos

The proof is in the pudding – or in this case, the pictures. Prospective patients want to see obvious results from the treatment(s) they’re wishing to try. From Botox to dermal fillers to laser procedures and chemical peels, it’s vital that clinics feature their very best before and afters. Whether it may be on their website, in email newsletters, in relevant print marketing, on their various social media accounts; it’s important that the content you are capturing is an accurate representation of your work. Without this kind of proof, a prospective patient won’t have the confidence that your nurses and aestheticians are capable of helping them achieve their aesthetic goals. 

The clinics who do Before & After right, either use the LVL UP Imaging System paired with any mobile device OR they rely on pristine natural light from large windows in their clinic, paired with a pull-down background screen on a treatment room door. (the later option is very tricky though and relies on their windows facing the right direction at the right time of day for perfectly even light). 


2. Maintain a Professional, Polished, and Welcoming Space

Medical aesthetics patients are paying top dollar for treatments. So they expect a high level of polished ambiance and warm professionalism with every visit. Their entire visit should feel seamless and relaxing (aside from the not-so relaxing needle pokes). The most successful clinics we’ve worked with offer their clients spa water, coffee, soft music, plush seating, impeccably clean surroundings, and of course – a very warm and welcoming attitude from every member on staff.


3. Post Patient Testimonials 

There’s no better way to prove your clinic’s abilities and professionalism than with patient testimonials. We see a lot of offices incentivize reviews for their patients with small discounts on treatments too. If you have confidence in your team, then you shouldn’t ever feel nervous about a review. In fact, the most high-end and highly-regarded clinics we work with welcome and encourage reviews. Then, they post the 5-star reviews on their website and social media accounts for their potential clients to read.


4. Establish & Maintain a Strong Social Media Presence

In today’s world, social media is everything when it comes to showing off a company’s products and services. You can bet that prospective clients will always turn to Instagram and/or Facebook to look at photos, videos, comments, reviews, etc. And since the medical aesthetics industry is stiff with competition, your clinic’s social pages must stand out. The botox clinics and medspas we’ve seen with the very best social presence are posting great content regularly and are responding to all comments on their posts.

Most of these practices have also integrated their brand color palette and fonts into their graphics for social too. Their Instagram pages follow a visually appealing color or design pattern and their captions and wording on videos is engaging and either fun or educational. 

The Meta (Facebook and Instagram) algorithm can be tough to please but we’ve found that consistency and interesting content are key. A lot of the clinics we’ve worked with have designated their most social media savvy staff member to manage the accounts if they don’t have the budget for an agency or full-time digital marketing employee. 

LVL UP Imaging is here to help your medical aesthetics clinic with your marketing efforts. Our medspa lighting system was designed with tight spaces in mind and can help you easily achieve the most pristine before and after photos that your clinic needs for client growth and retention – no professional photography experience necessary!

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